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by admin on October 23, 2010

Free Email Provider: MailTracking
Description: MailTracking offers an email service with sophisticated tracking facilities. The service includes digitally signed certificates that can prove that a particular email has been posted, delivered and opened. Read notifications can be sent to an alternate email account, or via SMS, ICQ or pager. It is also possible to send self-destructing emails that can optionally be made unsaveable or unprintable, and messages can be retracted by the sender before or after they are opened by the recipient. The service starts at US$24 a year and there’s a 14-day (25 message maximum) free trial.


  • 14 Day Free Trial (25 emails maximum) – $24 per year after the end of the free trial.
  • Self-Destructable, Retractable, and Notarized Email Options
  • Adobe PDF & MS Office File Tracking Ability
  • Email tracking notifications can be sent via SMS, ICQ, Pager, and more.

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